In 1985, an idea was born. This idea was to encourage young people to understand the importance and the joy of singing praises to God. Within a year a small choral group was formed. It was exciting and new. Under the direction of a young man named Randy Hargett, this group became more than just a bunch of kids, we became family. We not only sang together; we laughed, loved and cried together.


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sheet Music Free To All

Well it's been a long, long time. Sorry about that folks but do I have a surprise for you. A few weeks ago I was listen to some of the old albumns and one song just got stuck in my head. As I listend to it I said to myself "This song needs to be out there". Not just to listen to but to SING! It is a song that needs to be sung. Of all the songs we sing when we're singing songs, this song is the song to be sung while we're singing the songs that we sing.  (say that three times real fast).

The name of this song is.......Wait for iiiittttttttttttttttttttttttttt!   "His Love Shines On". A song that is original with this group and a song recorded not once but twice and is even the title track of one album. This song needs to be sung!  But alas` The sheet music does not exist.  Or does it? Please remeber I'm no software wizzard so this is just a jpeg but......... Vocal drum roll please.................................. For the first time anywhere (and everywhere) the sheet music to "His Love Shines On".

 Now before you get all flustered, I did take some liberty with the harmony and rearranged it for the comfort of congregational singing. Please pass it on and enjoy.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Whew!  It's been a long time since I posted anything on this site. Since the last time I posted, I have completed a few mp3s of some old albums. I now welcome the input of all my fellow chorus memebers to help get this site going again.

Because HE gave me a song,
Jimmy Bagwell

Friday, January 21, 2011

It has been on air for over a year, yet, many are unaware of it. Many of the old recordings have been digitized and uploaded to you-tube. Some are simply audio with a few visual presentations then others are actual "Music Videos". Check it out and enjoy. The link is to the right of the screen.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

728b Network

If you look at the links section, you will find one for 728b. This network has many of the recordings and several music videos. I encourage you to drop in and look around. It is always a work in process and comments are welcome as well as criticisms and suggestions.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Just As I Am

This was originally part of a medley entitled "The Great Invitation". It is from the album
"What A Day That Will Be"
recorded in 1990.

This is a rough draft and will more than likely be remixed with
new and/or different footage in the near future.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Evangelistic efferts have been dicribed in scripture as light, in particular a candle. A candle will bring light to any room, beginning at it's source and radiating outward until it has reached the limit of it's power. After over 20 years, the music has not reached that limit yet. Rencently Randy sent me a few copies of the older albums. As I sat listening to one of them in my office, several people came in and wanted more. If you have ever wondered why God chose the avenue of song; that is the answer.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Contributed by Darrell Silas

Friday, August 28, 2009

FACEBOOK: The Acappella Singers: The Original T. A. S.

For those of you on facebook I've got awesome news! Our little ol' chorus has a fan site. That's right! Just look, join and enjoy. Many of you are already members but I know some of you may not have heard about it yet. Check it out!

Also the 728b network on YouTube shows some video's and music from the good ol' days. Check out the links section on this blog to connect.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It Got me where I need to be!

Last year at this time. I was bed ridden. I had just returned from two months in the hospital where I endured four major surgeries. One of which was open heart. It gave me much time to think about my lot in life. Where I've been, where I am and where I am going. So many thoughts race through your mind when the only thing you can physically do is... THINK!

I realized that my formative years (the teens) pretty much set me on the course that has lead me to the place that I am now. I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm not saying it was all wine and roses, on the contrary, there was some major pain and strife that was part of that season of life.

You have fights with friends, you get your heart broken by that teenage crush and you wallow in a little self pity for a while. Do you wanna know something? It's OK! Sometimes you need a little slap in the face a little time in the mire if for no other reason to learn the lesson that you don't have to stay in the mud.

Of course there are those time I wish I could relive. We all have those moments. And they are GOLD!

I recall a sermon I once heard by W. T. Alison. (Y'all know who that is) He recited a poem and the last phrase echoes in my mind as I write this.

"Memory is one gift of God that death cannot destroy".

Because He gave me a song,
Jimmy Bagwell

Old Style New Audience!

It took some time but I have managed to gather together many of our recordings. Although I am still missing a few. What's interesting, though, is the ones I had on cassette I converted to MP3's so I could listen to them in my car and on my IPOD. (I have to confess that I did a little tweaking in my home studio) Friends of mine from way up here in Michigan liked the stuff. Who can blame them really!

I am constantly being asked for copies so they too can enjoy the smooth grooves of "TAS". Do you get nostalgic? Me too.

I'm still missing a few of the album's but I'm sure I can track them down eventually. If you have copies let me know. To find out what I'm missing just look at the discography.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Various Pics

No Really! We were working!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Consider This: Devotional Thoughts

John 14:25-28

We Live in a turbulent world. Change is rapid and most often dramatic. Jesus said that He alone can provide the help and peace we need to live, work and play with integrity and wholesomeness. Certainly our work cannot be depended on for that.

No job is engaging enough, no position is powerful enough, and no material rewards substantial enough to give us the kind of inner peace and confidence we truly long for. Only Christ will never forsake us nor leave us.

Pics from the vault

Zzzzzzzzzzz uh ZZZZZZZ!

It looks like a giant golf ball

Our Illustrious Leaders

Thanks To Vicky and Wiley Dean for providing these.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cover Surprise

Click For Larger View

In 1990 we recorded the album "What A Day That Will Be". The cover art was created by Emily Miller. But when the first order arrived we found "A" surprise on the cover. This was immediately corrected but not before a few copies with the original cover had been distributed.

Can you find "A" mistake?

The Early Years

Here is a list of my favorites from the first five years and the albums they are on.

Make Me A Servant: His Love Shines On
Acappella: A Friend Like You
Just A Closer Walk With Thee: What A Day That Will Be
Sweetest Song This Side Of Heaven: What A Day That Will Be
Mercy Lord: Open Our Eyes Lord
Mary Had A Little Lamb (medley): A Friend Like You
My Jesus I Love Thee: A Friend Like You
Lord I Want To Love You More: A Friend Like You
The Great Invitation: What A Day That Will Be
His Love Shines On: What A Day That Will Be
Hard Fightin' Soldier: What A Day That Will Be
Our God, He Is Alive: What A Day hat Will Be

What are some of your favorites?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Just to be nice. If you have a website, blog, my space page or web based business you wish to advertise let me know as I can add your links to this site.

However, we are Christians and any inappropriate material will not be linked here.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Precious Memories

From: Vicky Dean

I remembered our tour to the Grand Cayman Islands in the Caribbean with the Sonshine Singers from Freed Hardeman College directed by Winston Harless. We met at the church building where Cecil May, Jr. was the preacher. We went out and knocked doors and they were very hospitable—Yeah Man!! Hang Loose!! We invited them to the Gospel Meeting that Dorian Flynn was preaching each night and to the free concert on the weekend. Dorian was from South Africa and preached in Florence AL until last year. He was married to Sherry Epperson with Haleyville roots.

I remember we sang, “He Gave Her Water and It Was Not From the Well.” We slept in a nice hotel and were served meals at another place.

Three years ago Wiley and I went on a cruise and it stopped at The Cayman Islands and we rented a moped and went to the church and it looked a lot like it did when we were there. I remembered the Bible studies we set up and how hard it was to leave students who had not become Christians. They were very receptive. The natives thought that if anyone would come and teach them that they should listen. They, also, thought that bad weather (hurricanes) were God’s punishment for their becoming like the Americans.

When we were there only one big country music star had built a nice hotel, but three years ago it was like any other tourist spot. I remember the coconuts on the palm trees and how they’d whack them open with a machete. Banking was a big industry because you could deposit like in Switzerland with no questions asked. Also, snorkelers love the water. I didn’t even put my feet in the water. A church had paid my expenses and I wanted to give them their money’s worth.

Random Pics

I know some of these pics are from the '86 tour But some are not

Thanks To Vicky and Wiley Dean for providing these.